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Which Of These Risk Profiles Most Accurately Describes Your Business

Use the simple guide below to assess the current risk profile of your business and evaluate what needs to be done to get you to the profile that you want for your business. An objective analysis using the Cybersecurity risk assessment guide below will provide you with insights on the gaps you currently have in your business, specifically if you have a business obligation and/or legal compliance regulations to adhere to, specifically for the purpose of securely exchanging digital files containing confidential data, PII, PHI or NPI, with your clients, partners and internal staff. It takes just one data breach to cripple any business - the confidential data that your business has access to right now may be the target of the next attack.

What would you objectively think to be your next logical step to improve your risk profile, securing your business interests and that of your clients and partners?

Cybersecurity risk profiles specifically for secure file transfer. Which one most closely resembles your business?

Become Compliant With Regulations      Protect PII, PHI and NPI of Your Clients And Partners       Focus On Your Business

ICreateSecureChannel proprietary 7 layer federated security architecture for secure file transfers


With 1.2 billion records being hacked in 2014 worldwide, Cybersecurity on the digital files containing confidential corporate data, PII, PHI and NPI, is no longer an optional consideration that can be deferred for the tomorrow that never comes, but an immediate necessity for your business. A data breach could land your business at crossroads with Federal, State and even International Laws and Regulations that mandate certain security standards on such confidential data. It takes just one breach to cause cataclysmic damage to a business, through fines, penalties, client distrust, loss of reputation - hence business and even imprisonment of the business owner for dereliction of duty.

Using free public email solutions for your business or your clients or using those attractively priced public cloud based solutions to exchange and store digital files containing PII, PHI or NPI related data gives your business a high risk profile and makes you a potential target for getting hacked. It does not matter if you are big or small business, the data that you are required to protect is very valuable to intruders. It is not necessarily you that they are after, it is the data that you have that is more exciting to them, whatever happens to your business as a result is collateral damage as far as the unempathetic hacker is concerned.

Our lightweight ICreateSecureChannel Application can provide your business with heavyweight protection to your confidential digital media by facilitating exchange, management, storage of files through your own secure server from any internet connected device equipped with a web browser. Read more ...

Five Steps To Secure Your Confidential Digital Files

Securing your confidential digital files through the ICreateSecureChannel Application is a 5-Step process and we are here to assist you every step of the way. When you are dealing with unforgiving offenders who are looking for vulnerabilities in your online presence, you need to ensure strong defenses and the right infrastructure to setup your fortress and focus more on your business and avoid unnecessary disruptions. Once you are all set up with the installation, we will also guide you on an easy-to-follow process to convert all your confidential corporate digital files, and files that contain client PII, PHI or NPI that you may be currently storing on the public cloud or as email attachments and port them over to the secure infrastructure of ICreateSecureChannel.

Simple 5 step process to install the ICreateSecureChannel Application in your business for secure file transfers

Become Compliant With Regulations      Protect PII, PHI and NPI of Your Clients And Partners       Focus On Your Business


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